Services For IT Solution Providers

Yesterday, the key to success for an IT solution provider business was built on a straightforward formula: better technology + better technical skills = competitive advantage. But market dynamics have evolved – and the competitive balance has shifted to companies that have core competencies across the disciplines of business management.

It’s not a question of “business instead of technology” … and technical skills are still absolutely mandatory for success. The new requirements for success are built in “technology plus business” … meaning that the bar has been raised, and solution providers have to raise their level of business acumen to stay ahead.

If your business needs to improve profit performance and build a business model that can adapt to new opportunities and threats, MMP can help you:

  • Adapt Your Business Strategy to New Market Dynamics – Build & implement a plan to keep your business relevant to customers in the face of new technology solutions, new competitors, and escalating customer demands
  • Create a Business Model that Makes Money – Determine what your customers are willing to pay for, what you’re able to deliver & how that intersection can create real monetary value for you & your customers
  • Build Repeatable Solutions & Packaged Engagements – Uncover the real connection between what your customers want to achieve & the products / services you sell … and create a portfolio of packaged solutions you can sell & support
  • Improve Your Sales Performance Management – Design a sales strategy that creates forecastable revenue growth & improves the engagement / accountability of your team
  • Improve Your Sales Skills & Execution – Everything else in your business is merely trivia unless you actually sell something … and MMP can teach your team to thrive in the new dynamics of selling technology solutions

MMP services for solution providers are delivered through custom engagements, including:

  • Strategic Consulting Projects
  • Custom Research & Analysis Programs
  • Training & Coaching Programs
  • Event-Specific Services
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