Services For Vendors & Distributors

When we work with vendors and distributors, our objective is fundamentally clear: help you sell more stuff. But obviously there are a lot of critical details that have to be addressed. What is your channel strategy -- and what countable goal are you trying to achieve? What types of partners do you sell through -- and what do they want? And why is it so hard to convince solution providers to embrace your solutions and adopt your strategies?

MMP has counselled with dozens of channel chiefs ... consulted with hundreds of channel program leaders ... trained thousands of channel sales people. All to arrive at a point where we understand the nature of the problems you're trying to solve -- and and are able to provide real best practices that drive measurable results in vendor and distributor channel prorams.

Once again, the most important asset we provide is PERSPECTIVE. We've seen hundreds of channel programs, we understand what works and what doesn't, and we can help you build and execute a program that achieves your sales goals.

To help you build a channel that actually sells more stuff, MMP provides services to technology vendors and distributors in the following areas:

  • Channel Strategy & Program Development
  • Channel Management / Sales Training
  • Partner Recruiting / Onboarding Strategy
  • Channel Marketing & Message Strategy
  • Partner Enablement & Training

To learn more about our services, or to find out how we can build a custom solution to meet your business development goals, please contact Annisa Morris --

Services For Solution Providers

Our mission is to help you build a business that thrives. To accomplish that mission, we've designed a portfolio of services to help solution providers align with their customers' needs, create and capture real competitive advantage, and leverage the most effective resources of their vendor partners.

MMP has worked with literally thousands of solution providers in the technology industry -- every size, every business model, and literally dozens of technology categories. Through this extensive experience we've learned an amazing amount about what works ... what hurts ... and how to help you achieve your goals.

But our approach isn't just another "one size fits all" style that tries to work with all solution providers as though they're alike. Each service we provide is custom-tailored to your specific needs based on your business model, your technology portfolio, your business resources, and your appetite for growth. In fact, unlike some consultants who've developed a standard methodology that supposedly applies to all small businesses (whether in the technology business or any other industry), MMP is exclusively focused on the technology channel.

What's more, we've had access for many years to the most extensive research on what it takes to build your business, drive growth, and maximize profitability. We've analyzed the research ... applied the best practices ... and achieved real results. But without a doubt, the single most valuable asset we bring to your business is PERSPECTIVE. We've seen the challenges a solution provider faces. We've solved the problems solution providers struggle with. And we can fast-forward your business development by standing on the shoulders of the most successful businesses in the industry.

To help you build a business that thrives, MMP provides services to solution providers in the following areas:

  • Business Strategy & Transformation -- SAMPLE TOPICS: Designing and adapting to a high-profit business model; Building a service-based business practice; Setting a 3-year strategy you can actually execute; Building a business operating system that delivers predictable results
  • Technology Solution Sales Training -- SAMPLE TOPICS: Aligning with customer drivers to achieve high velocity sales; Becoming a client business advisor; Creating and capturing real competitive advantage; Winning on value instead of discounts; Winning long-term service contracts
  • Sales Strategy & Process Development -- SAMPLE TOPICS: Building a high performance sales organization; Becoming the most effective sales leader; Building results-oriented sales compensation plans; Designing and managing a repeatable sales methodology
  • Marketing Strategy & Message Development -- SAMPLE TOPICS: Building a marketing machine that drives your growth; Designing and managing a repeatable marketing methodology; Building messages that actually matter; Creating and capturing real brand value
  • End Customer Marketing Events -- (Keynote speaker + breakout sessions) SAMPLE TOPICS: A customer bill of rights for technology investments; Deploying technology as a business accelerator; Building business processes that drive competitive advantage; Leveraging existing IT investments to maximize your value return
  • Management Consulting & Business Development -- SAMPLE TOPICS: Effective leadership in a technology-centered business; Finding and winning the very best talent; Building and packaging repeatable solution offerings; Optimizing your revenue, cash, and profits

To learn more about our services, or to find out how we can build a custom solution to meet your business development goals, please contact Annisa Morris --

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