Building Channel Businesses That Thrive

Selling technology in today’s competitive market requires more than just a killer product. Better features … advanced functionality … award-winning solutions … it all adds up to nothing if you can’t build & execute a plan to put your products in customers’ hands. In fact, “better” products lose every day to better marketing and sales execution. 

MMP is a professional services company focused exclusively on helping technology companies build their go-to-market plans and create sales channels that thrive.

  • IT Vendors … MMP helps you engage the right partners and drive better sales results whether you sell hardware, software, or services … from intricate infrastructure to custom applications, and every complex component in between
  • IT Distributors … MMP helps you engage and enable high-performance partners to create a clear preference to buy through you and leverage your unique value-added services … without resorting to deep discounts
  • IT Solution Providers … MMP helps you create consistent sales results, improved profits, and long-term sustainability … whether you sell traditional tech solutions or you’re trying to build a business on a brand new platforms
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